Weed grinders are essential tools for smokers. Designed to make the process easier, you can grind your weed with relative ease and not have to worry about sticky fingers.

Weed grinders go by a number of names, like herb mill and weed shredder. You can find them being sold as tobacco accessories as well as kitchen grinders because they work very well for grinding various herbs and spices as well.

Why do you need a weed grinder?

A good weed grinder will last you a long time. You can find them made from plastic and wood, but the most popular type is made from aluminum. I recommend aluminum grinders because in addition to lasting longer, they have more functionality.

Weed grinders will help you get a consistent grind every time. A consistent grind means that your weed will burn more smooth and evenly all the way through. This is especially helpful when rolling joints or blunts, because large chunks can cause uneven burning.

Some grinders have storage containers built in, so when you grind your weed it automatically falls into a compartment ready to be packed into a bowl or bong.

A typical 4-piece grinder will have a compartment with a metal mesh screen which helps to collect the kief that falls off your weed and a lower compartment where it collects. A 4-piece grinder can be taken apart for easy cleaning. Many newer grinders have curved edges on the inside so that plant matter doesn’t get caked in to the corners.

How to user a weed grinder

  • Open your grinder so that you can see the teeth on the inside.
  • Place your weed on one side. You can break it into smaller pieces or just put the whole nug on top. Some grinders will grind with more ease than others.
  • Press down as your start twisting the top and bottom piece of your grinder in opposite directions.
  • Once you feel almost no friction between the teeth of the grinder, your weed has been properly ground and is ready to smoke!

Overall, grinders give you consistent and evenly ground weed and keep the sticky trichomes and resin off your fingers. Sticky fingers can make rolling more difficult as the paper can stick to your fingers when you don’t want it to. Grinders are easy to carry around and can even act as containers to keep your weed in between smoking sessions.

These are some popular weed grinders available on the market:
Cali Krusher Grinders
Kannastor Grinders by RYOT
Santa Cruz Shredder
Master Cheef Grinders