Now that the marijuana industry has become a legitimate business model, companies are going public and stocks are soaring. If you are interesting in investing into the cannabis market, then take a look at the 10 most valuable cannabis stocks of 2020. We will discuss other companies in the list soon, but for now we will focus on the the top ten.

Everything in this industry starts with the growers, and so we will be focusing on them. The Data collected is from mid-March 2020.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Stock Symbol: SMG
Market Cap: $5,059,647,996
Price: $91.17
Volume: $54,418,552
Shares outsanding: 55,496,852

Scotts Miracle-Gro isn’t new to the ears of any home owner. We have been using their products for as long as we can remember. Founded more than 150 years ago, Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is the North American leader in lawn and garden as well as hydroponic growing products. You can see why they’re at the top of the list here. “We’ve been helping gardeners and growers transform their own piece of the Earth since 1868.”

Canopy Grown Corporation

Stock Symbol: WEED
Market Cap: $3,596,888,855
Price: $10.38
Volume: $90,290,696
Shares outsanding: 346,658,913

With a vision to become to #1 cannabis company worldwide, Canopy Growth Corporation is driven by the commitment to drive the industry forward and provide medical and recreational cannabis consumers with the best possible experience. Canopy became North America’s first publicly traded cannabis company in 2014.

GW Pharmaceuticals plc

Stock Symbol: GWPH
Market Cap: $2,244,156,851
Price: 72.66
Volume: $53,982,819
Shares outsanding: 30,885,726

GW Pharmaceuticals has developed an oral formulation of purified cannabidiol (CBD) called EPIDIOLEX, which was made to combat seisures caused by the rare and severe early-onset epilepsy syndromes caused by Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet Syndrome. GW also produced the world’s first cannabis-derived medication, called Sativex, in Europe which has since been approved in over 25 countries for the treatment of spasticity due to multiple sclerosis. GW Pharmaceuticals has a deep pipeline of cannabinoid products being developed for both orphan and non-orphan use with a particular focus on neurological conditions.

Arena Pharmaceuticals plc

Stock Symbol: ARNA
Market Cap: $1,843,530,994
Price: $37
Volume: $28,947,875
Shares outsanding: 49,825,162

Arena Pharmaceuticals is a much broader corporation which only has some of their pipelines devoted to cannabinoid-type therapeutics or CB agonists and the other pipelines are devoted to non-cannabinoid medicines. They are uniquely positioned to develop best-in-disease medicines with optimized efficacy and safety for patients globally.

Cronos Group Inc.

Stock Symbol: CRON
Market Cap: $1,807,544,780
Price: $5.38
Volume: $50,554,032
Shares outsanding: 336,151,502

Through advancing cannabis research, technology and product development, Cronos Group Inc. is committed to building a disruptive brand in the cannabis industry. Cronos has international production and distribution across give continents. Their mission? To improve people’s lives by unlocking the full potential of cannabis.

Curaleaf Holdings Inc.

Stock Symbol: CURA
Market Cap: $1,253,299,251
Price: $3.42
Volume: $5,777,865
Shares outsanding: 365,948,158
Reserved Shares: 226,084,740

Operating in 17 states with 53 dispensaries, 15 cultivation sites, 24 processing sites, and employing over 2,200 people, Curaleaf is one of America’s biggest producers of medical and wellness cannabis. Curaleaf aims to create high-quality cannabis products that are uncomplicated and approachable.

OrganiGram Holdings Inc.

Stock Symbol: OGI
Market Cap: $801,584,584
Price: $5.13
Volume: $12,248,766
Shares outsanding: 156,179,412

Origanigram Holdings first began in 2013 as a producer of medical cannabis. Going into 2020, they are focused on producing high-quality, indoor-grown cannabis for both medical and recreational consumers in Canada. Organigram is also reaching out to establish international business partnerships. With their relentless culture of continuous improvement and proprietary software system, Organigram is said to have one of the lowest cultivation cost per gram produced.

Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Stock Symbol: ACB
Market Cap: $704,756,396
Price: $0.69
Volume: $20,673,689
Shares outsanding: 1,017,438,714

With a state-of-the-art facility in Cremona, Alberta, Canada, Aurora Cannabis has been growing some of the safest and most thoroughly testing medical cannabis on the market since 2016. According to them, their facility was designs to keep their plants happy and they can guarantee that only the best products are produced. Aurora has a passionate team who believe that medical cannabis should be available to everyone who needs it.

Innovative Industrial Properties

Stock Symbol: IIPR
Market Cap: $653,494,125
Price: $57.81
Volume: $46,653,768
Shares outsanding: 11,304,171

Known as a ‘real estate investment trust’ (REIT), Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc is a corporation which combines capital from many investors to acquire income producing real estate for the medical-use cannabis industry. Founded in 2016, they are the first publicly traded company to provide real estate capital to the medical-use cannabis industry.

Green Thumb Industries Inc.

Stock Symbol: GTII
Market Cap: $579,179,495
Price: $4.03
Volume: $4,174,820
Shares outsanding: 143,671,542
Reserved Shares: 72,218,004

Green Thumb Industries‘ mission is to prove safe, effective and therapeutic medical cannabis nationwide by operating world class cultivation facilities and customer-first retail experiences.